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Our Mission

The East Metro Public Safety Training Facility is capable of hosting multi-disciplinary, multi-company training
operations for small to large scale training evolutions.
The training center features two main buildings. A commercial building which features a four story
tower attached to a commercial “tax payer” type building and a two story residential building with a
three car attached garage.
The four story commercial tower is equipped with a standpipe and allows for Class A live burns on the
second and fourth floor in simulated apartments. The third floor is equipped with fire sprinkler props
and will be configured as an SCBA confidence maze. The commercial tower is attached to a two story
commercial simulation building which features simulated storefronts and space on the first level with
simulated apartment space on the second level. The commercial wing is also equipped for Class A Live
burns on the second floor. In addition to live fire training, the entire structure is equipped for simulated
smoke conditions utilizing a state of the art smoke simulation machine.
The two story residential structure features three, Class B live fire props which are fueled by propane.
The props include a car fire prop that can be utilized inside or outside of the structure, a kitchen fire
prop and a bedroom fire prop which also features a hallway flashover/rollover simulator. Each prop is
equipped with simulated smoke which allows training officers to create limited to zero visibility in a
matter of minutes.
The site also offers a state of the art forcible entry simulator, rope rescue and apparatus
driver/operator training capabilities.
The East Metro Public Safety Training Facility offers a qualified instructor pool in partnership with Century College.
These instructors can be contracted to assist rental agencies with training as requested. Any lead
instructor using the facilities or props must be trained to acceptable levels and approved by the East
Metro Training Facility staff prior to the event. Questions on this can be directed to Assistant Fire Chief
Mike Mondor.
The site is available 24/7/365 based on accepted/confirmed reservations. The East Metro Public Safety Training
Facility requires an approved Training Site Manager to be on-site during the entire time of the
scheduled training. This is to ensure that all rules, regulations, and safety issues are followed, as well as
for site access, accountability, and security procedures.

Safety Equipment

Helmets and appropriate PPE must be worn by all personnel whenever on the drill pad or in or around the areas of training buildings and props.

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Live Fire Training

Live fire traing shall in accordance with NFPA 1403

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